Trading Department

Solbar Food Technologies’ short- and long-term success depends upon full understanding of the commodity markets. These markets are influenced by soybeans’ global supply and demand, which are determined, primarily, by the yields and quality of crops, weather and even speculation. We are attuned to market fluctuations and respond nimbly to them. Our Department of Trade examines, on a daily basis, freight-transportation trends and follows the commodities market for soybeans, soy meal, soy oils and board crush. The Department of Trade knows how to, very carefully, manage risks, for ourselves and for all of our customers.

This department is in charge of the company’s supply chain. On the front end, the Department of Trade purchases raw materials from around the globe and manages the pipeline from the loading ports through Israeli ports and the gates of the plant .On the back end, it handles all sales of the items Solbar Food Technologies produces – to more than 150 major customers.

The Department of Trade has its finger on the pulse of the international soybean and soybean-oil markets, including at the world’s commodities markets.

We provide consultancy services to many of our customers; we support them with expanding their business efficiency by sharing market information.