Solbar Food Technologies is a leading Israeli industrial player in the soybean production and processing industry. Founded in 1961, Solbar is the largest soybean crusher and soybean-oil refiner in the country, with a significant market share of each market.

Solbar Food Technologies is a recognized and respected supplier. Solbar Food Technologies provides both local animal feed millers and multinational food-production industry giants, such as Unilever, Nestlé and StarKist.


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The Company processes soybeans and supplies its products to the following sectors:

  • Animal feed – for livestock and poultry, We collaborate with the local animal-feed mills to supply their needs for protein and fiber sources
  • Food products – Lecithin for baking products, frozen products, etc.
  • Refined soybean oil – for different food applications

That all takes place at Solbar Food Technologies’ two facilities, which both feature advanced equipment: a soybean-crushing plant next to the port of Ashdod, and a soybean oil-refining plant in nearby Ashkelon.

Solbar Food Technologies has more than 150 customers in Israel.

They include some of Israel’s leading companies in the agriculture, food-production and oil based industries: